Hi, welcome to Madara's workshop!

As you already know, my name is Madara. I am the author of all Madara workshop works. I let my works speak for me more than the other way around :)

Flowers are my passion :)  I have windowsills full of blooming orchids and a beautiful, fragrant lily garden. This love for flowers came from childhood. I remember my parents' love for the flower beds full of flowers, which bloomed magnificently all summer long.

❤️This work is my passion. Each flower is hand-made to make your order even more special.

I am open to the realization of your ideas. There are many plans and I am slowly working on their realization. So stay tuned and find out what's new :)

I will be happy for further cooperation, because I am working on new projects, which will be presented to you very soon!:)

Sunny greetings, Madara🌸